POW Camp Shumen, March 1944

The Plateau of ShumenAmerican crews and their stories

B-24 G "Gidi Gidi Boom Boom"  

B-24 "The Witch"

B-17 "Oppisonia" 

B-17 (pilot John Muirhead)



P-38 "Lightning" (pilot 2nd Lt. Edward Tinker)

"Miss Yankee Rebel" ( Churen crash, June 28, 1944) , Mark LaScotte and Dan Crouchley's files

B-24 22 from 512 Sq (Yugoslav Detachment)

P- 51 (pilot 2nd Lt. David Hanson)

Major Walter Smith Jr. and his crew

B-24 " Sky Wolf" (pilot R. Stumpff)

Crane's crew ( Wesley Louis Anders, combat photographer)

Henry Wise, Tuskegee Airman

Another POW's

RAF Planes and crews

The Dutch brothers in the camp

SOE servicemen



United Kingdom - 17 POW's Yugoslavia-10 POW's
South Africa - 4 POW's Canada - 2 POW's
Nederlands - 2 POW's Australia - 2 POW's
USA - 292 POW's

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