SOE personal in Shumen POW camp

1. Major Cyril Clark ( English)

2. 1st. Lt. Aleksanar Tasitch ( Serb)

On the 15 April 1943 near city of Brod ( Macedonia) was parachuted without any recognition  British military mission to Yugoslavian partisans  under the command of  Major George Morgan. Together with Major Morgan and Corporal J. Bukan ( radio operator), on April 19 1944 by village of Tazhevo, in the valley of Treska river, 25 km North from city of Brod, the member  of this mission, the Serbian 1 Lt. from Air corps Aleksandar Tasich, born 1915, was captured by military unit from Fifth Bulgarian army. From Tazhevo they were sent to Brod for the night, next day to Prilep and Skopie. From Skopie immediately they were sent to Sofia under military guard in military ambulance car. From this group only Tasich was sent to Shumen, probably on 15 April 1944 in group No.8 together with British major from SOE Cyril Clark.  The first two Morgan and Bukan had disappeared, probably they were sent to Gestapo.

On the July 17 1944 Tasich was sent from Shumen to Sofia for interrogation on the 19 July. Was in custody in Sofia military prison. On the 1st of September he sent a letter to Shumen asking his personal belongings to be sent from Shumen to Sofia.

 After the war, British members of Allied control commission looked for Morgan and Bukan without result. As for Tasich , probably  he was released from Sofia prison on the 9 of September and sent with several other persons with train to Bulgarian- Greek border, where he joint the train with POWs from Shumen.

3. Sgt George Kostas Besas ( Greek)